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Lagoon and Pond Treatment

Product Details:

United 890 SLUDGE SHARKS is a blend of bacteria with a 10 billion CFU per gram count. These bacteria consist of gram positive and gram negative bacterial strains selected for their ability to reduce the VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) found in sludge at the bottom of lagoons and treatment ponds. SLUDGE SHARKS feature a two-prong attack utilizing United’s Inter-Core Technology. The innovative Inter-Core Technology combines the staying power of proven block technology with the instant concentrated dosage of a granular active.


Appearance: Dark brown solid cake with neutral odor
Dilution rate: Ready-to-use
pH: Not Applicable
Health:0 Flammability:0 Physical Hazard:0


Can be easily thrown into those areas where sludge has built up or throughout the entire lagoon as needed.
Each 8-ounce block can treat up to 1500 square feet.