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Microbial Blend

Product Details:

UNITED 486 is a highly specialized blend of bacterial cultures specifically selected and adapted to degrade a wide range of organic wastes. UNITED 486 degrades crude oil, fuels, creosote, PCP, chlorinated hydrocarbons, fats, oil, grease, ethylene glycol, PNA, phenols, BTEX, sulphur containing compounds, solvents, amines and other complex organic compounds. It has proven effective in wastewaters containing BOD or COD in excess of 50,000 mg/l. This product is used to achieve consistent effluents with widely ranging influent organic levels and improves settleability of biological solids.


Appearance: Tan free-flowing grain like material with earthy tone
Dilution rate: Varies per application; See label for directions.
pH: 6.5 to 8.5
H:1 F:0 R:0


This product as been successfully used in
petrochemical plants
chemical plants
food processing plants
marine barges
machine shop parts washers
truck washes
wood treating plant applications