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Non-Ammoniated Polymer Solvent

Product Details:

An extremely effective product for the removal of unwanted polymers and alums. It is used on spills, in polymer lines, pumps and filters. It has been widely accepted for use on belt filter presses to clean and eliminate “blinding”.


Appearance: Hazy, colorless liquid with slight amine odor
Dilution rate: Multiple rates, see label
pH: 11 to 12.5
Health:3 Flammability:1 Physical Hazard:0


A wide variety of applications in industry for the removal of unwanted polymers and alums.
Used on:
Sticky rollers
Blinded press belts
Blinded reactor chambers
Stiff press frame
Holding and mixing tanks
Media for plate and frame presses
Sluggish pumps
Partially clogged or sluggish lines
Stiff gaskets
Vacuum filters-coil or other media
Residual in centrifuges