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for Sanitary Wastewater

Product Details:

Specifically formulated and packaged for use with the patent pending JET PAK Dispensing System. The ENDEAVER cartridges feature United's patent pending Inter-Core Technology with a 10 billion CFU/gram count of specially blended bacteria that is released first as a quick dose, and then continues with regular dosing intervals as set in the JET PAK. Feeds directly into lift stations, lagoons and ponds to reduce FOG, BOD, COD, H2S and TSS.


Appearance: Lime green solid cake with neutral scent
Dilution rate: Ready-to-use
pH: Not applicable
Health:0 Flammability:0 Physical Hazard:0


Use indoors or out for controlling FOG, BOD, COD, H2S and TSS in lift stations, lagoons and ponds.