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United 856 BIO-ACCEL

Grease and Odor Control in Wastewater Environments
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Moving Biological Water Treatment Generations Ahead

The improved BIO-ACCEL utilizes Inter-Core Technology to provide you with the combined staying power of proven block technology and the instant concentrated dosage of a granular active.

BIO-ACCEL contains a critical blend of enzymes (10,000 IU/ gram) that act as a catalyst to accelerate biodegradation of grease and other organic waste in lift stations, grease traps and mains. The inner core of the block is quickly released to jump start the biodegradation, while the outer core of BIO-ACCEL continues to provide slow release performance for 60 – 180 days, depending on flow rates.

The performance of BIO-ACCEL is not affected or limited by pH levels, temperature changes or the amounts of disinfectants or petrochemicals found in the water which can often affect the performance of many bacterial products.

BIO-ACCEL provides you with a responsible solution for your needs:

  • Earth Smart® formulation.
  • No hazardous components and is ranked zero in all HMIS numbers.
  • VOC-free and non-toxic.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Near neutral pH.
  • Works at temperature range of 38° – 165°F (3° – 74°C), with an optimal range of 65° – 110°F (18° – 43°C).
  • Provides flocculent properties.
  • Safe for plant and process applications and will enhance bacterial process in the plant.
  • Ideal for lift stations and grease traps.

Product Details:

The BIO-ACCEL block is ideal for treating lift stations, grease traps and mains. It features a quick release center core that provides a slug dose treatment like a granular active to jump start the biological activity in your wastewater environments. The outer shell of the block then continues to provide proven slow release performance over a period of 60 – 180 days, depending on flow rates.


Appearance: Red, solid block with neutral scent
Dilution rate: Not applicable
pH: 7.4 - 7.6
Health:0 Flammability:0 Physical Hazard:0


Control grease, other organic wastes and odors in lift stations, manholes and grease traps.