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Case Study: Pilot Study Leads to City-Wide Pretreatment Program Approval


A large publicly owned treatment works(POTW) in Oklahoma needed to study the United products in use to determine if they would pass the standards of its Industrial Pretreatment Program. The program was in accordance with the Clean Water Act and the EPA's General Pretreatment Regulations (40 CFR 403). The program sets pretreatment standards to control pollutants from industrial users which may pass through or interfere with the POTW's treatment processes.


It was determined that a pilot study would be required by the City Pretreatment Program.


United 984 LIBERATOR Bacterial Treatment and United 555 DUO-ZYME™ Earth Smart® Enzyme Treatment for Drain System Maintenance were put into use and the effects were studied.


Upon completion of the Pilot Study, it was found that UNITED 984 LIBERATOR and UNITED 555 DUO-ZYME have not caused problems within the system or treatment processes. Because of this, these products were granted acceptance for use based on non-interference within the system.


These products are now approved to be used within the City at all establishments discharging to the collection system and/or POTW.