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The Wastewater Treatment Industry Is Changing, And UNITED Is Taking The Lead

United provides industry leading solutions, resulting in enormous amounts of cost and energy reductions and improved watershed ecosystems.

Case Studies:

United Products Reduce H2S Levels by 98%

A large city in the Midwest was experiencing excessive H2S gas levels in its wastewater collection system. The resulting odors brought in numerous complaints. A program was designed to control the FOG, utilizing United’s patent pending Inter-Core Technology blocks.

As pictured in this chart, H2S levels dropped significantly.

Long-Running H2S Odor Problem Eliminated

A Fortune 50 company located in California experienced problems with H2S odors. After dealing with a consulting company for 2 years with no resolution, United was referred to them by the city in which they are located.

BOD and TSS Levels Reduced

A small town in Alabama requested help in determining how they could reduce their biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS) to meet their discharge permit levels.