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Inlet Guard

Product Details:

Let the STINGRAY protect drains and inlets without the need for lifting any grates. STINGRAY lies flat over inlet grates, barely noticeable as it holds on tight with magnetic force to protect your drains from debris.


  • Keeps dirt, sand, sediment, trash and debris out of drains.
  • Quick and easy installation using built-in magnets — no more lifting heavy catch basin grates.
  • Available in several sizes for street drains, combination drains and trench drains.
  • Heavy-duty, reinforced material (non-woven, polyester spun) allows up to 192 gal/ft2/min. through drains.
  • Low profile design can be driven over and is unobtrusive to traffic and personnel.
  • Includes built-in overflow port to help prevent flooding and/or ponding during heavy rainfall.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention plans are now required for most businesses through the Clean Water Act, and the STINGRAY Inlet Guard helps you to comply with the NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) and TMDL requirements.
Item# Description Dimensions
S042 Curb Style for Combination Drains 24" x 24"
S043 Curb Style for Combination Drains 24” x 36"
S044 Curb Style for Combination Drains 24” x 48”
S039 STINGRAY Standard 24" x 24""
S040 STINGRAY Standard 24" x 36"
S041 STINGRAY Standard 24" x 48"